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Johnny Alonso
Johnny Alonso
Profession:director, producer, actor

Born on Sunday November 22, 1970 in Queens, New York City, New York, USA.  and two wins and one nomination.

Known for Coffin 2, What Death Leaves Behind, One Tree Hill, and Gotham


Johnny Alonso

Actor Producer Director

Best Works:

As Kazz the Bass player / Kazz Bass Player in Oswald's House Band
One Tree Hill
As Joey D / Record Executive
Coffin 2
As Trick

What's my age

Johnny Alonso works

Serial Mom 1994
The F.B.I. Files 2000-2005
Dawson's Creek 2002-2003
Baltimore 2003
Stateside 2004
A Haunting 2006-2014
Samaritan 2006/I
The Church 2006
Good People 2008/I
Safehouse 2008/I
The Church 2008
Bounty 2009/II
Some Dogs 2010
Lamplight 2011
Coffin 2011
Forbidden 2013
Massu00e9 2015
Gotham 2015
The Nymph 2015
Terrortory 2016
Vinyl 2016
Hide and Seek 2017/IV
Coffin 2 2017